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Meeting a tight budget with a hybrid glass fence solution in Lane Cove

This client in Lane Cove had just installed a lovely new pool and to complete the project, Gateway Fencing was engaged to design and install new glass pool fencing.

As the pool was immediately adjacent to the outdoor entertaining area built off the rear of the property, the client had their heart set on ensuring the view from their stylish and modern alfresco area was uninterrupted so frameless glass fencing was the first choice. Our brief was simple, stick to the already tight budget!

So, after consulting with the client, our designers came up with an ingenious solution that delivered the view whilst ensuring the budget remained under control. The answer was a hybrid mix of both frameless and semi-frameless glass fencing.

We deployed semi-frameless fencing on the side to the garage but specified frameless glass on the side to the house. In order to achieve the perfect look, we side-fixed the glass to the wall so the fixings were not visible. This had the added benefit of increasing the useable space within the entertaining area. To complete the frameless look, we didn't use a corner post - an increasingly popular feature that has become part of our "signature" Gateway style.

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